Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Music Class

"Daddy taught me to play the guitar and my mom took pictures." -Summer

Daddy makes beautiful music.

Now it's Summer's turn to make a cord.

"This is fun, dad!"


"I am learning to hold my rattle. Here daddy is helping me grasp it." -Summer

Shabbat Shalom!

We went to visit Temple Emanu-El on Shabbat. It was great introducing Summer to all of my friends and my classroom. We spent the entire day in S.F. I sure do miss it! -Julia

Rabbi Peretz and Summer lead the Shabbat songs.

Michelle and Summer

Aidan, Joanne and Cynthia making Summer laugh with funny faces.

Cicely and Frances with Summer.

Tummy Time

"I'm pretty good at tummy time because I have a super strong neck. This is the first time I held my head up so high and for 15 whole seconds! and my mom snapped this photo." -Summer

Rocio and Melissa

Rocio and Melissa came to visit. We went out to breakfast and to the park. We had a great time and decided we need to get together more often! Here is Melissa and her daughter Rocio with Summer, who's getting her morning snoozes. -Julia

Visiting Julie

We went to visit Julie's cool new pad in San Mateo. Here's some pictures she took of us. (Thanks, 'Aunt Julie!')

Monday, January 29, 2007

Los Gatos Creek Trail Walk

Grammy and I are trying to get out and walk a lot. It's time to get back into shape after the holidays (and the baby!). Buster is lookin' a little chubby without his long San Francisco walks along the waterfront! Here we are walking on the trail. We began at Los Gatos Creek Park in Campbell before sundown. Summer is snoozing away. She loves the 'bumpity bump' of her car seat. She already loves to travel like her mom and dad! -Julia

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Family Comes to Visit

The entire East Coast family came to visit the last week of December. It was a fun filled week of activities and Summer got to meet her Grandma, Aunts, Uncle and cousin.

Grandma Doris, Cousin Sofia and Auntie Michele at Aunt Jenean's house.

We ended our fun day at the DeYoung Museum in S.F. with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Summer and Sofie slept in the car!

Christmas Day

"Is that for me?"

It's a monkey rattle!

...and a passy pod.

...and of course we can't forget about Buster!

At Aunt Liz and Uncle Stewart's house, lots of presents!