Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your DeKalb International Farmers Market

We went to a neat indoor farmer's market today near dowtown Decatur. Lot's of different yummy foods. Summer really liked running in the big aisles.

Hah! Even Georgia knows best, and sells California peaches. We took over wine from the French, cheese from Wisconsin and now peaches from Georgia. Listen to me, I'm not even part of the California "we" anymore. Ugh. ;) - ron

A discussion between a toddler and a dog.

Buster: "I'm going to bite you. You better run kid!"
Summer: "You're yawning and you want snacks. Go chase a squirrel."

Buster: "You're probably right. Where's your SnackTrap?"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday in Decatur consists of...

Pinecone collectin'...

Playin' soccer with Buster...

More soccer...

A slight break from soccer...

Birdhouse watchin...

Organazizing... ("Taxi Driver" reference, courtesy of Ron)

Chatting with Mom over the sink...

A little more soccer...

And adorable baby watchin...

Lava Lamp Fails

I (Ron) got an official Lava Lamp a couple of years back as a Secret Santa gift at the office. Finally broke it open and tried it out. Yawn inducing at best. Threw it away. Takes up too much desktop space. But here's a pic of the first gloopy bubble about to rise to the top.

The Greater Decatur Pinecone Collection Committee

Ron had decided to mow the grass (front yard and back) but first we had to remove some pesky pinecones. "Oh Summmer. Come help daddy!" (hee-hee-hee. free labor)

Driving in Georgia

Julia and Ron went and got Georgia driver's licenses Saturday. This shows a nifty confluence of interests. The Georgia Department of Drivers Services in the foreground, and a drift racing session in a parking lot outside Turner Field (where the dreaded Braves play) far in the background. Nice.

Moving in to the new digs.

The family now lives in Decatur, Georgia. It's a pretty sweet little house with a nice back yard for sun and adventures. Here's a shot of Julia and Summer a few days before our stuff arrived.

Georgia Aquarium

Julia and Summer went to the Georgia Aquarium. Ron stayed in bed.

The last days of pool

We took advantage of the last days with a pool at our corporate housing (we're out of there now, but it was nice and convenient).

Monday, July 14, 2008

BBQ and such

After the Chattahoochee Nature Center we went to Roswell, GA for lunch at The Swallow at the Hollow, a really cool BBQ joint that plays host to some of the top country musicians in the south on the weekends. Best BBQ we've had so far. Afterwards we walked across the streets to another restaurant called Greenwood's and met, who else, Bob Greenwood. He owns both restaurants and we talked to him for about 20 minutes about organic farming in the region and a bunch of other stuff. He used to live in San Francisco and worked at the St. Francis Hotel back in the day. Great guy, and he gave us free blueberry and peach pie for the road. We'll be back. Roswell is adorable.

This is The Swallow in the Hollow.

This is the entrance to Greenwood's.

This is Greenwood's homage to the King. Oh, and we discovered Sirius satellite radio has an all-Elvis station. Classic.

More Chattahoochee pics...

Chattahoochee Nature Center

We went to the butterfly release at the Chattahoochee Nature Center on Saturday. It's a really neat place with miles of walking paths cut through the woods and around small lakes. Summer liked the snakes too!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


We like Yoforia... a lot. It's a place in Atlanta that sells frozen yogurt in cups with neat toppings like Cap'n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, granola, real fruit and other good stuff. Here's a video of Summer playing while mommy ordered her fro-yo.

More 4th of July weekend stuff

This is Hector. He lives in a store in Atlanta and he turned 2 on Saturday. He was awful cute, and they had a big party for him.

Summer celebrates the 4th of July in Decatur.

More Summer, our little patriot.

Gettin' out of the house

We got out of the house over the weekend.

Here's a pic of Julia contemplating the menu at a Mexican restaurant in Decatur of the Fourth of July.

Here's Julia's favorite grocery store, Sevananda, in the Little Five Points district.

Here's a restaurant called "The Grit" in Athens, where we spent Sunday afternoon.

Here's one of several bulldog sculptures (below) that dot the landscape of Athens, home of the University of Georgia bulldogs. This one was in front of a bank, so he's got a suit on. :)

Here's a pic of The 40 Watt club, where R.E.M. and the B52s began their careers, legend has it.