Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Spider

Some sort of Orb Weaver is, well, weaving an orb outside our office window. Neat, but big.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We woke up to a tornado warning this morning. One never even touched down, but still it was freaky. Just another reminder that we're not in California anymore.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A little more bluegrass

A bit of video from the bluegrass festival, with great music and gawd-awful Cloverfield-esque video. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Decatur, BBQ and Bluegrass

Today we went to the Decatur BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival in the Oakhurst neighborhood. The BBQ was so-so, the blues pretty much didn't exist for the 2 1/2 hours we were there, but the bluegrass was superb. Here are some pics.
- Ron

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Summer at the beach

Summmer at Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Savannah = Ridiculous Good Candy

I have an old magazine ad which I've been meaning to frame. It is by the American Confectioners Council, and reads, "Candy's dandy, keep it handy!" That ran through my mind in Savannah, at the Savannah Candy Kitchen, which knocks out some pretty mean sweets.

Want proof? Here's your sweet proof.
- Ron

Fully ridiculous glory-covered marshmellows on a stick.

No this isn't the surface of Mars. This is a landscape of handmade chocolate bark, encrusted with some handmade Oreo-type devices. I probably knocked my head on the glass case staring at this.

These are fresh pralines, cooling on a slab. When you walk into the Savannah Candy Kitchen, the guy takes a metal candy spatula and whaps off a hunk of it and gives it to you. Then you go buy some, because it's the thing to do.

Savannah, GA

We took a daytrip on Wednesday to Savannah, the home of Paula Deen food, Spanish Moss and our best meal had while on vacation. It was pouring rain all day in the region, so that took the beach out of the equation. But Savannah was neat, even while drenched.
- Ron

We ate at Belford's, housed in a building completed in 1902 for Savannah's Hebrew Congregation. In 1913, the Congregation sold the building to W.T. Belford for $23,000. He began a wholesale food business which is still kicking today in the form of a fine restaurant. Ron had honey/pepper glazed porkchops with Savannah red rice and wilted collards. Julia had "shrimp, greens and grits," and Summer just had a little fruit.

Belford's Seafood and Steak House

Summer likes crayons.

The afromentioned pork chops, 'n such.

Rain trickles down the window as we wait for our food at Belford's.

The anti-bustle of downtown Savannah...

Julia outside the Paula Deen Store. This shot is for Wally, of course.

Julia and Summer in the Paula Deen Store, which sold Hoecake Mix, FYI.

Daddy and Summer in Belford's.

Julia and Summer at a fountain in one of several town squares that dot Savannah.

The little girl in the background kept giving Summer dimes to throw in the fountain. Summer started the sharing by offering her a leaf. Kids. Sigh.

I think Summer pocketed one of the dimes. She's looking guilty of something. :) Kidding.

Wrought iron work on the riverfront buildings of Savannah.

This crazy-old Freemason's hall used to be the Savannah Cotton Exchange. Nice building.

Walkway bridge near the river, near downtown Savannah.

Spanish Moss everywhere. Not as goopy as it looks when you touch it.

Meanwhile, back at the beach

We spent pretty much the whole day Tuesday at Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island, a short walk from our hotel. We played in the surf, ran with Buster on the sand and saw a dolphins breaching the surface about a 100-200 yards out. It was probably one of the best days Summer (and the whole family) have ever had. Summer made sand castles, laughed as the waves knocked her down and we literally had to drag her home (not as bad as that sounded, but you get the idea). She really likes being in the water.

- Ron

A few more shots from the Macon pitstop

We're back at home now (Thursday evening), in Decatur, and I'm going through the photos and I thought I'd backtrack a bit to Macon, GA where we ate at this nice place in the slightly downtrodden downtown area called Market City Cafe. Julia had the "Bobbie" sandwich, turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing on a baguette. Summer had fettucini alfredo (which she loved). Ron had homemade chicken soup, chinese chicken salad and Fresca on ice (because how often do you see Fresca on a menu? In a year that is not 1975? Answer: Not very!). Buster had free bones and water. Now you know. :)

- Ron

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hilton Head Island

The family packed up and headed for Hilton Head Island yesterday.
We had lunch in Macon, Georgia and also made a pitstop at a gas station with a small zoo-like thing in the lot attached to it. Emus, llamas, a giant bull, it was weird, but cool. Buster thought the emu was neat.

Then we walked to the beach in the evening, and Summer couldn't resist taking a fully clothed dip in the water. She LOVES the ocean.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy B-Day for The Varsity

The Varsity fast food restaurant chain turned 80 on Saturday, so Ron had to go by and help celebrate by taking a few pics and having a chili dog (or two). They had kids rock bands, classic cars on display, and food, food, food. The Varsity is the world's largest drive-in restaurant, with 500 parking spots, car-hop service and the signature "What'll Ya Have, What'll Ya Have?" call from the counter staff. It's an institution. Started in Athens, GA, but they had the big party at the main location in Midtown Atlanta. Here ya go!