Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summer's first non-Mommy food!

Big day! Summer sat in her new high chair and ate a big girl meal. She had (a little) oat cereal, made a squinty face, opened her mouth again, smiled, and looked for more. It was pretty darn cute.

"Now I'm a giant!"

Mountain View Family Parade

We went to the downtown Mountain View Family Parade today. Great weather, OK parade, lotsa folks. Mountain View is all growns up now. Google. A parade with people watching. A proper taqueria, which we ate at afterward. Here are some pics:

Summer likes the camera.

Julia going all Reservoir Dogs.

The best seat in the house.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Things on a weekend...

We went to a park in Cupertino last weekend. It was a lot of fun. See...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When peacocks attack!

Do not eat a Clif Bar near a peacock at Picchetti Winery in Cupertino. Why? Here's why.
They will come at you like a spider monkey. Julia found out the hard way. One of them came at her and taloned her on the leg. Peacocks have talons. Note to self.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Banana Slug

Here are some great pics that Uncle Mike took on our Big Basin hike. "Look Summer! A Banana Slug."

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here's What's Up

I haven't been able to post in a while because suddenly we have a baby that hardly naps. She takes one good nap a day when I actually get to take a shower, do some chores and eat. But that's okay we have fun.
Here's another cute Easter picture. Also, below is a picture of Summer in her new (well, previously loved) stroller. Look! She can face outward now. It's so exciting for her because she can watch the world go by as we stroll along. But, as Ron said, we miss seeing her beautiful face when she had the inward facing stroller.

Remember when I said I tried to get a picture of Summer's teeth. Ya, that was impossible but here a pic of me trying. I tried several times. Her teeth are coming in more everyday. That's probably why she hasn't been sleeping. We put a banana up to her lips the other day. She was pleasantly surprised. I think she's going to like food!!

She is getting very good at the whole tummy time thing. We started putting her on her tummy at night because she kept waving her arms and waking herself up. She sleeps much more soundly now and being on her tummy is helping her get better at turning over. She can even turn over in her cradle.

Today we took a hike with Uncle Mike at Big Basin. We saw lots of banana slugs but most of the wild life retreated to their hiding places. It was pretty cold and I'm sure the creatures were wondering what happened to spring. So were we! But we had a great hike. The redwood trees were beautiful and we had some bonding time with Unk!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Movie review #1 "The Thing"

So, I've been watching movies on the CalTrain ride to work, mostly via my Sony PlayStation Portable. I'm trying to stick
with movies I've already seen and enjoy alot, but I also feel like writing about them and why I like them. If you have
NetFlix, put these flicks in your queue. You won't be disappointed. Warning: mostly action flicks. I'm a guy.
First up, "The Thing," 1982, by John Carpenter. A remake of Howard Hawks' 1951 classic "The Thing From Another World."
This is one of the best modern sci-fi/thrillers ever made. Kurt Russell delivers one of his best performances ever as
R.J. MacReady, the copter pilot who is among 12 govt. science types at a snowy outpost in the middle of nowhere. An
alien, having crashed thousands of years earlier and only recently exhumed from the ice by some curious-and-now-dead
Norwegians, is jumping from living host to host and the science guys are trying to evade and evade it. The trick is they
don't totally know when one of their own has been internally invaded by the alien. It's tense and spooky.
_ The special effects stand up solidly 35 years later. It would be impressive even if they released the movie today._ The sense of dread and cold is delivered perfectly through camera angles that don't jump around and confuse you. Long
steady shots of real snow will make you cold. And this movie is perfectly lit throughout. You'll appreciate that nothing
looks phony, like there's 4,000 watts of halogen aimed at it or something._ The voice in the chess machine at the beginning is Adrienne Barbeau, who I believe was dating the director at the time._ The best line in the movie, and delivered perfectly, comes from the character Childs, who is played by Keith David.
he's hunkered down behind a door with some of the other guys, and they are wondering whether a member of their team on
the other side has been compromised by the alien. Childs says they should kill him out of abundance of caution, to which
another character asks him "What if we're wrong?" Childs replies, "Then we're wrong." It's the perfect response of
self-preservation in a time of desperation. The internal tension among the characters is can be condensed to that one
Here's a link to the trailer:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

new teeth

For weeks everyone including little old ladies in the grocery store have approached me with drooling Summer gnawing on her hand and proclaimed, "She's teething." So I waited.......and waited.....nothing. So when Easter Sunday came and she was still drooling and gnawing and my sister said, "She's teething," I said "No, I don't think so." The next morning I woke up to a sweaty, cranky girl. Sure enough, as she gnawed on my fingers, I felt the presence of razor sharp teeth. (Ouch!) Not just one but two chompers at the same time! I tried to take pictures of them, only to get snapshots of Summer's tongue. Oh well. I will post some pics soon!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter 2007, Harris Style

Summer went for a walk with daddy and Buster
at Memorial park in Cupertino. And she was listening to DJ Micro
on her little fuzzy bear boom box on her stroller.

The flowers in the trees were nice.

She got a little frumpy at times, so I put sunglasses on her head, because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Buster is probably thinking "Ummm, Dad? I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday and get a clue. K? Thanks."

Well I had the last laugh on Buster. While I was taking pretty photos of Summer, he wandered a few yards away and promptly fell into the duck pond. Yep, over his head all the way soaked. He smelled pondy and got a bath later, after I finished laughing at him and calling him "duck butt" for about an hour.

Summer got Easter bunnies from Grammy Jennifer and Liz. Here's the proof. And she's wearing a dress Grammy Doris sent her. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Catchin' Up With the Harris Family

Our computers been on the fritz so I haven't posted in a while. There's a lot to catch up on. Last post we were in the wild and crazy Carmel, CA (if you know Carmel you know it is the opposite of wild and crazy- but we can make anything wild and crazy.) Anyway, It was cold but we still had fun and it was Summer's first hotel! Here she is with dad it the hotel bed and also a great pic I like of daddy giving her a big kiss.

This week Summer has taken an interest in her feet. She found them one day while getting a diaper. Now that she knows they are there, her toes go right into her mouth whenever she grabs them. In fact, anything she grabs goes into her mouth. Here's my little yogi doing Happy Baby Pose:

Her favorite toys are rings. She loves to grasp them when handed to her. Here she is with her favorite rings:
She also loves to watch us eat and cook. She's fascinated. She cracks up when Buster catches his treats in his mouth. Next she'll probably reach for our food and then we'll know that soon she'll be ready for solids.
Here's Summer watching Grammy make spaghetti and meatballs:
We are enjoying the warm weather in the South Bay spending time on hikes and leisurely walks in the park. Here's Ron at Hunter's Point lookout at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve by our house. This is far from the Hunter's Point we know in S.F.:
We have seen lots of spring wildlife on our hikes. On this hike we saw a bunny, a big spider (Ron loved that!) and quail and today Summer and I saw those things plus lots of lizards, a banana slug and huge frogs!

We also received a great surprise when we got home, a package from Grandma Doris, Grandpa Wally and Auntie Kim! (Thanks so much for the new outfits and book! We love you guys!!)